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This charming herb mill comes loaded with authentic "herbes de Provence". Made of handpainted ceramic with a clear container for the herbs, a plastic mill, and a wooden handle. This mill measures 5" tall by 3" in diameter. Refillable.
Turn the handle and the herbs are ground very fine to use directly on your plate, or push down on the handle to dispense the herbs whole for cooking. Use in the kitchen, keep by the grill, or put it on the table for your guests to use--this little mill will soon become indispensable. Mill and herbs are products of France.
Comes in an attractive kraft box, perfect for giving as a gift.  
Contains a mix of rosemary, marjoram, savory, thyme, basil (net 25g or .88 oz).
Made in France

Washing instructions: N/A

Material: Mill: Ceramic base with clear plastic reservoir and plastic and wood handle. Herbs: rosemary, marjoram, savory, thyme, basil

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Joyce B.

This is the 2nd purchase, bought earlier, and my naught Cat knocked it off the counter, spreading the delightful spice everywhere, and shattering the pot.......So I purchased it again.
Love it, love the idea of grating the herbs, and it looks great in my kitchen.