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Bougainvillea Yellow & Blue Napkin by Couleur Nature

Couleur Nature


So chic, so stylish and oh... so French! From Couleur Nature, this Bougainvillea Yellow & Blue napkin was designed by French designer Bruno Lamy.
This vintage-inspired design features a botanical pattern with bougainvillea flower and leaf motifs. Colors include blue and golden yellow, which exude life onto the table, adding a Provençal feel no matter what type of food is gracing your table. If you are decorating in a Farmhouse or Vintage Flea Market style, this is for you!
Designed in Paris, handmade in India following the age-old technique of hand-block printing. This beautiful napkin is 100% cotton with full hem and mitered corners. Inconsistencies in the design are due to the printing technique and add to the rich, handmade appearance. Not coated. Machine washable.
Sold individually. Made in India.

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