Allover tablecloths

October 16, 2019

Allover tablecloths

A few weeks ago we received an email from a customer asking if we carried or could get a round tablecloth with an allover print. We get requests from customers from time to time and we always try to see if we can get the products. I contacted our tablecloths suppliers and one of them responded "Oui, nous avons ça!" (Yes, we've got that!"). This was a light bulb moment, why not adding these to our catalog?

 Well, they finally started coming in. The manufacturer is "Tissus Toselli", the brand "Marat d'Avignon" and the line is called "Calisson". Named after a type of candy, this has to be a "sweet" addition to our selection!

"Allover" fabrics are companions to the "full pattern" Provençal fabrics. They are  usually a part of the full pattern that is made up of small symbols repeated all over the fabric. Sometime called "mini print" or "petite mouche" (little fly), they are normally used to make napkins or for the back of placemats and runners. However they look beautiful on their own and are a simpler alternative for a tablecloth.

In this case, the Calisson pattern is the allover companion to the popular Ramatuelle pattern. For example, if you purchase Ramatuelle napkins, the design is identical to the Calisson pattern.

So far we have received round tablecloths in 58" and 70" diameters in the following colors:

White and blue:


Yellow and blue:

Yellow and red:

Sky blue:

Sapphire blue:

If we have enough demand we'll add rectangular sizes as well. Let us know what you think!