We now offer three options, a hole finished with a plastic ring, a hole finished with fabric and a hole finished with fabric and a zipper to open the tablecloth for easy removal. To find out more, please go to our page on umbrella holes.

Add 10 to 24 inches to the length and width (diameter for a round table) of your table. This will give you a drop of 5 to 12 inches on each side. Then choose the closest size from our selection. For a rectangular tablecloth, it is recommended to have a similar drop in the length and width. For example, a typical 3x5 ft table (36x60") works great with a 60x84" tablecloth, giving you 12 inches of drop all around. Too much drop will tend to interfere with guests sitting down and up. Too little drop will not look as good. (If you have an antique, European, or other hard-to-fit table, our Le Cluny French Country Collection tablecloths can be ordered in custom dimensions. Contact us to inquire.) Please note that all tablecloths shrink a small amount the first time they are washed. Expect about  2% shrinkage. You may want to take this into consideration when selecting the perfect size.

Acrylic and Teflon both repel liquids from soaking into fabric. Acrylic forms a thicker layer on the fabric surface so you can wipe it down with a sponge--kind of similar to old-fashioned oilcloth, but with much better drape and appearance (the fabric is less thick than oilcloth and the coating is not noticeable to the eye). An acrylic coating makes fabric suitable for using outside. If you have kids, you will love an acrylic-coated tablecloth. It is incredibly easy to maintain--just wipe any spill with a sponge, even it had time to dry (if you spill oil or red wine, you should wipe it off immediately or it might leave a slight mark).

Teflon is another fabric treatment that makes liquids bead up before they soak into the cloth. It is similar to Scotchgard™. It does not form a thick layer on the fabric--in fact, you cannot feel it at all. The only way to tell if fabric was treated with Teflon is to drop water on it and watch it bead! (Teflon is a registered trademark of Dupont.) No worries if someone spills a drink. Just blot it with a napkin.

If it's acrylic coated, you can machine wash and line dry. You don't have to launder these very often, though, because they wipe down so easily. It is OK to iron them on the reverse side, but in our experience, you won't have to. The coating makes wrinkles and creases fall out on their own.

Teflon-coated tablecloths can be machine washed and line dried, and ironed as any other untreated tablecloth.

None of our tablecloths should be machine dried.

For more, read our blog post on the subject: https://www.idreamoffrance.com/blogs/news/to-launder-or-to-not-launder

A printed tablecloth has the design printed on top of the fabric. The underside of the cloth will be plain. Printed designs range from traditional Provencal motifs in bright colors to hand-blockprinted vintage designs.

In a damask and jacquard tablecloth, the design is woven into the fabric. The threads (or yarns) are dyed before being woven, and the weaving is what makes the design appear. If you turn over a damask tablecloth, you will see the same design in reverse. These tablecloths cost more because they use more time, energy, and labor to produce. They also have a silky hand, and tend to hold up very well and last a very long time. Damask designs are traditional and formal and are usually solid color. Jacquard typically use many vivid colors. 

Placé (placed in English) refers to tablecloths that have the pattern printed in the same shape as the tablecloth. The most common placés are the 68" or 70" round tablecloths on which the design is printed in a circle. The jacquard tablecloths and some of the printed rectangular tablecloths also come in a placé style.

Allover fabric is a fabric that is coordinated to a Provencal or French country style fabric and has only a small design repeated all over.  The allover fabric is typically used for napkins, back of placemats or any coordinated accents. We also have a selection of round tablecloths with an allover design.

Those symbols are used internationally so we don't have to depend on verbal translations. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission publishes a guide for those symbols: http://www.textileaffairs.com/docs/acsguide-050608.pdf


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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million! This video should answer your question: https://youtu.be/NrZIP9XEqRI

Here is the answer from the manufacturer:

"We advise you to hand wash your knife and flatware under gently running hot water and to wipe it immediately after. However, most knives and flatware, but not those with natural wood handles and in real horn, are dish-washer safe. 
It is essential to comply with the following recommendations:
Place knives in a different compartment from other flatware
Avoid long washing cycles, do not use temperature over 122°F
Open the dish-washer as soon as the cycle is finished
Do not leave knives and flatware in the dish-washer for several hours after a washing cycle is finished
When you take them out of the dish-washer and before putting them away, dry with a soft cloth
The cutler’s trick +: do not put ordinary steel articles in your dishwasher (jam’s jars lids …) the corrosion of these during the washing cycle would lead deposits of rust on your flatware!"