Oversized tablecloths

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Oversize French Tablecloths

We carry tablecloths in many sizes, but do we have a tablecloth big enough for your table? Yes! The biggest factor that limits the size of a tablecloth is the width of the material. Most printed French fabrics come in 60" wide and a few come in 70" wide. We work primarily with the brand Le Cluny as they are very responsive with demands for oversized tablecloths, both round and rectangular.

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Rectangular tablecloths

If your table is extra-long but not much wider than normal, we can accommodate pretty much any request. The longest standard size is 132" (11 feet), but Le Cluny can make a longer tablecloth upon request. At some point a tablecloth is so long that it becomes difficult to manage, and you might be better off using two shorter tablecloths. We stock most Le Cluny tablecloths up to 120" length and a few in 132" length.

If your table is wider than normal, it's more of a challenge, but we can handle it. A few fabrics come in 70" wide and can accommodate tables as wide as about 58", but the majority come in 60" wide, which can accommodate tables up to about 48". If your table is wider than that, it becomes necessary to layer two tablecloths, or Le Cluny can make an extra-wide tablecloth by sewing a panel lengthwise to widen the tablecloth. The striped designs can be matched at the seams so they are nearly unnoticeable. These solutions cost more than merely buying a longer length of tablecloth, but the cost may be worth it to fit your table exactly. 

Oversized French Tablecloth Sunflower Red

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Round tablecloths

The widest machine-printed tablecloth fabrics today are about 70" wide. One-piece round French tablecloths larger than that simply do not exist. If your round table is too wide for a typical 70" tablecloth, we have options.

Option one: Our supplier Le Cluny can make a  large round tablecloth by sewing two panels of fabric and cutting it in a circle. The normal standard is also 90", but they can make a tablecloth up to about 120" in diameter. These tablecloths obviously cannot be made to look like their smaller counterparts with a circular print. They can be special ordered with or without a stain-resistant coating. Most Le Cluny printed fabrics can be used, and we have several 90" round coated listed on our website, which can be viewed here.

Option two: We started working with a new supplier, Les Tissages du Soleil. They have a few models available in 90" round. We hope to add more from them in the next few months. You can view them here.

Option three would be to layer a standard round tablecloth on top of a larger solid color tablecloth. We do not sell solid color tablecloths, but they are available in 90" or 120" diameter from a variety of online retailers.

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If you need an oversized tablecloth, please give us a call or send us an email and we will let you know what the options are. Please keep in mind that special orders will take about 30 days to ship.

90" Round Le Cluny Monaco Tabelcoth


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