Poppies and lavender

March 17, 2019

Poppies and lavender

Nature provides the inspiration for the traditional Provencal fabrics. If you look through our selection of tablecloths, napkins or kitchen towels, you’ll see a lot of sunflowers, olives, lavenders and poppies. These are native plants to Provence that are such an important part of the landscape that they made their way onto fabrics used for clothing and home decor. Designs go from subtle to bold. If you like bold, may we recommend the poppies line?

We’ve had the Poppies line now for a few years but we are very excited to add one more color to the selection. And what a beautiful color it is! The manufacturer calls it red, but that doesn’t do it justice. Our best description for this color is coral red. It’s a subtle mix of red, orange and pink that stands out from the more traditional Provencal colors. While the other colors in the line have bright red poppies, yellow was (rightly) selected here as the color for the poppies. We currently have the Poppies Coral in round and rectangular tablecloths and coordinating napkins. We’ll add more rectangular sizes as well as placemats, aprons and oven mitts in the future.

If the coral red doesn’t go with your décor, check out the other three colors in the line.

Browse the poppies line here: https://www.idreamoffrance.com/collections/tissus-toselli-poppies


Tissus Toselli Coral Red Rectangular Tablecloth

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