What's in the box? February 2020

February 21, 2020

What's in the box? February 2020

This month, we have two shipments with new products. Anne de Solène, the French luxury bath and bed linen company has released a new selection of colors for their bath terrys. Harmony, the French company that specializes in high end 100% linen products has discontinued some of their towels and introduced new ones for 2020.

Anne de Solène:

We love the wash mitts from Anne de Solène and apparently you do too! Anybody who has traveled to France has witnessed these funny looking hand towels and probably told themselves "what a clever idea!".

If you are not familiar with it, the wash mitt or "gant de toilette" in French is a small terry towel that is sewn in the shape of a pocket. You use it by sliding your hand in the small contraption and go about your business in the shower or at the sink. For whatever reasons this obvious product has never got traction in America. We have been selling them for years now and they remain one of our top products. 

Many companies in France make wash mitts but we decided to carry the Anne de Solène because of the high quality that doesn't come with a high price tag.

Last year Anne de Solène did not change the color selection so we were hoping for some new hues this year and our hopes were answered beautifully.

Here are the new colors for 2020:






Cornflower blue



Harmony Textiles: 

The second anticipated shipment this year (that happened to be delivered on the same day as Anne de Solène!) is from Harmony

Harmony is a French company located in Pessac in the Bordeaux region of France. They are trying to put Bordeaux on the map for more than award winning wines with a likewise impressive selection of home textiles. We are in particular very fond of their selection of high-quality 100% linen kitchen towels. They combine beauty and practicality like no others. 100% linen towels are the blue jeans of kitchen towels! They are tough, easy to care for and they look great in any context. They are also not all created equal and Harmony is the brand to get.

New for this year is the Trevise line. The Trevise are two tone towels with black and white stripes. We also added one more color to the popular Corte line. It is called Fauve in French which would translate to "Wildcat" in English. The color though would translate to "tan" or "tawny". In reality it is more of honey or mustard color and it is beautiful. The last one we received is the Paprika color in the Olbia line.

Trevise Khaki

Trevise Safran

Trevise Clay

Corte Tan

Olbia Paprika


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