La Lavande Extra Fragrance Honey Soap

La Lavande


This charming soap, stamped with the traditional French bee, is rich in sweet almond oil. It is nourishing for all skin types and has a marvelous scent.
Available in 2 sizes:
  • 100g or approx. 3.5 oz
  • 150g or approx. 5.3 oz 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wonderful soap

Omgosh, this soap smells amazing and what a great price!! So happy to know about the wonderful, fragrant soaps that I Dream of France has!

Lauris Jensen
My favorite soap!

I’ve been enjoying this soap (or an earlier incarnation of it) for decades. I’m not sure why, but it’s gone missing from all of of my San Francisco and Wine Country haunts. What a nice surprise to find it available here. I think the scent is absolutely intoxicating and I’ve given it to friends (female, male...) who agree. I also have to comment on how pleasant the purveyor is. It’s so nice to do business here. I’ll certainly be back.

Donna Autry
Honey Soap scent

Can't believe how big your bars are. They last a good long while and have such a wonderful soothing lather. I always leave a bit of the creaminess on my hands rather than rinsing it all off, leaving them soft. The honey scented one was a little earthy for me so I'm giving it to my son. I was amazed how many men really enjoyed getting your French soaps for Christmas. You can rest assured I'll remember that next yr.

La Lavande Honey Soap-Wonderful Soap!

I have been buying this honey soap since about 1996. I only stopped buying it because the shop didn't carry it anymore. I was SO happy to find it on I Dream of

This soap is so wonderful!!! A wonderful scent, marvelously thick, creamy lather. Sometimes I wash myself twice just so I can smell the soap again, and feel the creamy, thick lather on my skin. Great for washing the body. I buy 5-6 bars at a time, and give the soap as gifts for friends. You will love this soap.

Leslie Stafford
The BEST Soap in the World!

I have been using this honey soap for at least 15 years. It lasts forever and cleans without drying your skin. It smells good enough to eat.

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