Laguiole Jean Dubost DeLuxe Table knives set of 6 - Faux Ivory Handles



The small village of Laguiole (the locals say "La-yoll") in Southern France is famous worldwide for of its knives. Following a tradition dating from the 19th century, the Laguiole knives are still made in much the same way today. Why are the Laguiole knives so popular? It comes down to three basic ingredients: they are beautiful, high quality and they cut really really well!
This set of 6 table knives is a prime example of the Laguiole tradition. These superior quality knives adorn the traditional bee, the blades are extra thick stainless steel (2.5mm or .1") with beautiful imitation ivory handles. These knives can be sharpened over and over and will last for many years to come. The back of the handles are hand engraved. The six knives come in an atractive wooden box.
Made in France by Jean Dubost.
Made in France

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