Jacquard and Damask tablecloths

Jacquard and Damask tablecloths have the design woven into the cloth, not printed on top. The jacquard tablecloths are 100% cotton treated with Teflon® to help repeal liquids and make them stain resistant. Because of the stain resistant treatment or anti-tache in French, and because they are machine washable, they can also be used for everyday meals. The Jacquard tablecloths we carry have intricate designs with multiple colors on the outside and are mostly plain on the top.
The Damask tablecloths are a blend of cotton and polyester and are easy to maintain. Damask tablecloths have designs of the same color as the background that gives a rich yet subtle appearance. Both the jacquard and Damask tablecloths look and feel more formal than printed tablecloths and are perfect for family dinners and holiday gatherings. All our tablecloths are high quality and will grace your table for many years to come.

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