Table Linen Fabric Guide


Fabric types

We carry tablecloths and other table linens in a variety of fabrics. Here is a quick guide on the different types of table linens we carry:

  • Acrylic-coated cotton: Acrylic-coated tablecloths, placemats, runners and chair pads have gorgeous printed designs and are sealed with an acrylic coating making them wipe-off and perfect for frequent and heavy use. They can be machine washed occasionally. The acrylic-coating also protects against the sun's UV rays.
Acrylic coated cotton tablecloth Lavender red tablecloth by Le Cluny
  • Treated jacquard: Jacquard tablecloths and runners are 100% cotton and have the design woven in the fabric using various color threads. A stain-resistant product such as Teflon or Centerguard is embedded into the material to help repel foods and liquids. They feel and look like cotton and are more formal than the acrylic-coated. We recommend these if you do not like the feel of the acrylic coating. They can be machine washed.
Jacquard fabric Olive red jacquard tablecloth by l'Ensoleillade
  • Matelassé: The matelassé tablecloths are made of a heavy single-color center with three dimensional designs and a sewn-in cotton border. They look very sophisticated and the plain color top will not compete with your dishes. They are not treated or coated and are machine washable.
Matelassé Delft fabric Moustiers blue matelassé tablecloth by Tissus Toselli
  • Tapestry: Made of thick doubled material, these tablecloths are a luxurious addition to your décor. They are not treated or coated and are machine washable.
Tapestry fabric detail Chanteclair tapestry tablecloth by l'Ensoleillade
  • Polyester: Similar in appearance to the acrylic-coated, these are made of 100% polyester fabric treated with a substance similar to Teflon. They are economical but also very durable. Polyester can be machine washed often and is wrinkle free.
Polyester fabric with stain-resistant treatment 

 All our napkins are either 100% cotton or 100% linen with no stain treatment whatsoever. We also carry some placemats and some round tablecloths in 100% cotton without stain resistant treatment. We have the table linens for your needs and we are available to answer your questions by email or phone.